Reference – TVH Belgium

Reference - TVH Belgium

TVH is specialized in supplying parts globally, focusing on parts and accessories for a wide array of machines. Their internal logistical processes are completely optimized by implementing various MyConveyor transport systems.

Large quantities of crates in different shapes and sizes, filled with materials, are carried over silent transport lines and sorted, stored and fetched efficiently. We realised an optimal combination of transport belts, rollerconveyors and chainconveyors for this customer, that allows them to maximize the throughput of their supply chain.

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Reference – Polok

Polok – The Mushroom Growers Group is a mushroom grower. They have succeeded in producing year round by implementing a modern climate-controlled environment.

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Reference – Cooperation GreenCoop

Cooperation GreenCoop is the largest producer of vegetables in Slovakia. They cultivate more than 10 million kilograms of high quality tomatoes per year.

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We are looking for distributors!

We are looking for new distributors at MyConveyor, in order to expand our network. Professional and reliable partners enable us to work towards a bright future.

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