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We are looking for new distributors at MyConveyor, in order to expand our network. Professional and reliable partners enable us to work towards a bright future.
  • Are you an enthusiastic seller who acknowledges the need for automation?
  • Do you believe that digitalization is beneficial for out customers?
  • Can you assemble the conveyor and add the electrical necessities in your production location?
  • Can you perform independent and high quality project support towards the customer?
  • Are you looking to grow in your local market exponentially?

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Conveyor Distributors

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Growers United is a cooperative of family businesses that work hard to produce flavorsome vegetables every day. Growers United is one of the largest providers in the industry of harvesting, packing, and shipping greenhouse-grown vegetables in Europe.

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Polok – The Mushroom Growers Group is a mushroom grower. They have succeeded in producing year round by implementing a modern climate-controlled environment.

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