Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

A conveyor belt or belt conveyor is a transport system in which a head roll and return roll are used at the input and output of the frame, which loop the belt endlessly. Our conveyor belts are made of an aluminum frame with a PVC, PU, and (if required) food-safe belt cover.

Conveyor belts have two major advantages over other conveyor systems. Firstly, a belt conveyor consists of one solid belt, without holes or rollers. This makes a conveyor belt extremely suitable for transporting goods without a product carrier. Products with a less rigid product carrier, such as bags or small boxes, are best moved via a conveyor belt. The second advantage is that a rubber conveyor belt provides enough grip to transport goods up a slope.

Our conveyor belts are available in various lengths & widths, and with different types of head and return rollers. Various goods can be moved, such as boxes, bags, but also food products. To visualize what your conveyor belt will look like, we have a configurator available, which allows you to easily configure your own belt conveyor and get a quote can request.

A roller bed or sliding bed conveyor?

Our Vitra conveyor belt can be equipped with roller or plate support. A sliding bed is often chosen when a lot of support is required. However, this ensures that the weight on the belt conveyor can remain limited. Do you have heavier goods? Then it is best to choose a roller supported conveyor belt. These are supplied with 3mm thick anodized aluminum steel rollers allowing the conveyor to transport heavier goods easily. Do you need to make an incline or descent? Then that’s no problem either; our belt conveyors can handle slopes and descents of up to 20 degrees.

Our belt conveyors

transportband, belt conveyor - vikon

Vikon - Belt conveyor

A 230/400V powered conveyor belt that is available in different versions. The Vikon conveyor belt can be installed with a head drivetrain or a strangler drivetrain, whereby the strangler-driven belt conveyor can be provided with a tension roller. A tensioning roller ensures that the length does not change when the belt is tensioned, so that the distance between connecting transport systems can be kept to a minimum.

transportband, belt conveyor - vitra

Vitra - Belt conveyor

A 230/400V powered conveyor belt supplied with a chain, which is unique in this market. This chain is concealed in the frame for optimum safety.

schakelmat bandtransporteur, modular belt conveyor - viflex

Viflex - Modular belt conveyor

The Viflex stainless steel conveyor series have been designed for flexibility and easy-cleaning purposes. Consisting of a modular belt and a robust, open frame. A modular belt makes it possible to combine straight and curved modules, all in one conveyor! The Viflex conveyor belt series is made from stainless steel which makes it perfect for wet, humid or moist environments.

Belt conveyor modules & accessories

Are you looking for an addition to your conveyor belt? We currently do not have any modules for our belt conveyors. Do you have a request? Click here to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities. We also offer easy-to-install accessories such as steel cable trays and photocell mounting kits. For a complete overview of our conveyors please look here or contact us! If you already know what you need, you can also configure it directly.

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