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20 August 2020

Configure your conveyor with our newest online configurator!

Ordering a conveyor with the click of a button! The configurator is simple, easy to use and fulfils your needs like never before. In the online configurator you can find the MyConveyor assortment, when configuring a conveyor it is up to you to fill in your demands. The configurator will configure the conveyor based on your choices.

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With a fresh name comes a fresh approach. MyConveyor is ready to move the world of industrial conveyors and internal handling solutions, tackling every sector and industry! Why? It’s because MyConveyor understands the importance that high quality conveyor systems can deliver for each individual project undertaken.

With more than 50 years of experience, MyConveyor is ready to bring a new unparalleled experience with any type of conveyor.

With our expert knowledge, these conveyors allow for a reliable, efficient yet cost effective, and easy-to-use experiences that you demand. Due to our standardization of conveyors, the MyConveyor webshop allows you to seamlessly order industrial conveyors at the click of a button. MyConveyor has been built with the correct focus to ensure you maximum flexibility and easy integration.

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